Nisi Shawl (nisi_la) wrote,
Nisi Shawl

I am calling you

I am editing WisCon Chronicles Volume 5. I'm looking for essays between 1000 and 6000 words long, on or adjacent to the theme of "Writing and Racial Identity," with the focus on 2010's WisCon 34--panels, discussions, and other events. I want written contributions from people who attended WisCon 34. I will need these contributions by August 27. Photos, drawings, poems, interviews, and (very) short fiction will also be considered for this book.

I will need informal proposals for contributions on or before July 26. Proposals must include the following:

* Your name--your legal name, and any aliases you may have used at WisCon 34 and/or online
* The length (wordcount) of the contribution if applicable
* The nature of the contribution (essay, panel report, memoir, interview, survey, photo, cartoon, etc.)
* A very general outline of the topic covered, running about one to three lines, or approximately one paragraph
* If the contribution relates to a specific WisCon 34 event, such as a particular panel, the bake sale, etc., note that in your proposal.
* If the contribution has appeared elsewhere or will appear elsewhere within the next two years let me know; your piece may or may not be eligible for inclusion, and we'll need to discuss this.

Please respond via LJ, and do this by July 26 at the very, very latest.

Thanks so much for considering this call.
Tags: wiscon, writing

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