Nisi Shawl (nisi_la) wrote,
Nisi Shawl

Need a name

Set up for the question: As I'm researching-while-writing "Everfair," my Belgian Congo steampunk novel-in-progress, I learn that there is a strong Chinese influence in the area of equatorial Africa where things take place. Apparently Leopold's henchmen had hired a bunch of Chinese laborers from Macao to build a railroad around the many falls and cataracts of the lower Congo River. At some point they basically said fuck this shit and decided to walk back to Macao. And they got a few hundred miles into the bush and basically said fuck this shit some more and settled in for the duration.

Of course I have to use this.

So now I want one of my characters to be a refugee from this railroad gig, a young man about 14 to 16 when he first appears in the action, a worker from Macao of Chinese background. What's his name going to be? Suggestions?
Tags: science fiction, writing

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