Nisi Shawl (nisi_la) wrote,
Nisi Shawl

Platform response

Troubled by the election statement of SFWA Vice Presidential candidate Lou Antonelli, I have responded to his post on this topic. My comment is awaiting approval. Meanwhile, I'll paste it in below.


Lou, I'm sorry to say I found your statement about adopting "Canine-American" children incredibly offensive. I, too, am a doglover, but I struggle for the words to tell you exactly how and why your flippant trivialization of the ethnic identity movement with this phrasing revolted me. I'm not sure I have the patience to explain what was wrong with saying what you did. I hope you do find someone who will do that work for you.

For the moment, please just know that I've shared my distaste with others, and had my assessment of the problematic nature of what you say confirmed. Also, while I'm impressed that you have offered to run for the position of SFWA Vice President, I won't be voting for you. I hope that you'll come to understand why.
Tags: fantasy, horror, science fiction, writing

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