Nisi Shawl (nisi_la) wrote,
Nisi Shawl

Bloodchildren anthology for Octavia E. Butler Scholarship Fund

I've been editing and publishing and making happen this anthology called Bloodchildren, and it's coming out in about a week. So time to release the TOC, and a thumbnail of the cover, and tell you two more things:

Bloodchildren is a fundraiser for the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund at $8.01 a crack


Bloodchildren is glorious!

Cover art by Laurie Toby Edison and cover design by Candra K. Gill



Nalo Hopkinson - Introduction

Before Conception
Octavia E. Butler - Speech Sounds
Vonda N. McIntyre - Octavia Estelle Butler

Christopher Caldwell - My Love Will Never Die
Shweta Narayan - Falling into the Earth

Caren Gussoff - Free Bird
Mary Elizabeth Burroughs - Impulse

Rochita Loenen-Ruiz - Dancing in the Shadow of the Once

Kai Ashante Wilson - "Legendaire."
Erik Owomoyela - Steal the Sky

Jeremy Sim - /sit
Dennis Y. Ginoza - Re: Christmas, Bainbridge Island

Indrapramit Das - The Runner of n-Vamana
Lisa Bolekaja - The Saltwater African

Nisi Shawl - Acknowledgements

Contributor Biographies
Tags: carl brandon society, fantasy, octavia e. butler, science fiction, writing

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