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Bloodchildren: ready for you

Bloodchildren: Stories by the Octavia E. Butler Scholars can be yours. It's a fundraiser for the Octavia E. Butler Scholarship Fund, plus it has all the kinds of gorgeousness an ebook ever had.

Get it here.

Cover art and TOC are part of my previous post.

Here's what the cool kids are saying:

Stephen Graham Jones - "This is Octavia Butler's brood. Her bloodchildren, her kindred, scattered into the future. This is what she's sown. And our world's so much better for it."


Tananarive Due, American Book Award winner - "From magical revenge on a Louisiana slave plantation to inanimate objects becoming animated, the stories in Bloodchildren are a fitting tribute to the masterful artist who has helped spark so many creative dreams in all of us. This volume helps keep alive the legacy of Octavia E. Butler."


Steven Barnes - "There is a sentence in one of these fine stories, 'Legendaire.' by Kai Ashante Wilson, which is pure poetry: 'As glowing coals in a fire are steeped with richer color than the fire itself, so, pale as moonlight, a shine appears in the air around Papa’s head, and where his naps grow, not black but indigo-color, round the edges of his hairline, the widow’s peak, sideburns, and kitchen: every curly strand fills with brilliance, the way hot coals do, but this light makes no heat, and it shimmers, blue as the sky at noon.'

"And it was at the moment of reading this line that something relaxed within me. I'd been impressed and entertained before that moment, but in reading Wilson's story I realized that this collection really was inspired by one of the great modern masters of the SF form, inspired in the highest sense of the word. Octavia Estelle Butler was my friend, the most dedicated writer I've ever known, and a shy, sweet, generous giant of a woman. This collection celebrates her life and legacy, but more to the point, it is an opportunity for a generation of writers to announce their arrival in a burst of literary thunder.

"Rest well, Octavia: your legacy is safe."
Tags: carl brandon society, cbs, fantasy, horror, octavia e. butler, science fiction

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